• Patent Prosecution
  • Technical Support
  • Trademark applications
  • Corporate image


Invention management

  • Prior Art Search Analysis
  • Patentability Evaluation of inventions
  • Drafting of applications for patents, utility models and industrial designs
  • Professional drawings for patents, utility models and industrial designs
  • Reply letters to official notices issued by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property on procedural and substantive requirements
  • Technical expert opinions on patents: nullity and infringement involved
  • Prosecution and filling under the jurisdiction of the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the Paris Convention obtain invention protection abroad

Trademark registration

  • Search and verification of availability of brands, commercial advertisements (slogans) and trade names
  • Filling and prosecution before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property
  • IP defense & enforcement to protect intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents and copyrights)

Support on calls for funding proposals

  • Outlining of project proposal
  • Following of calls for funding
  • Analysis of technical-commercial feasibility
  • Consulting on intellectual property rights
  • Side-by-side assistance throughout the process
  • Training
  • Registration before the National Registry of Scientific and Technological Institutions and Companies (RENIECYT)

Technological studies and analyses

  • Scientific-technological prospective
  • Technological Vigilance
  • Technology maps
  • Detection of free-use technologies
  • Patent valuation
  • Financial analyses and projections
  • Analysis of technological projects viability


  • Courses and workshops on selected topics related to industrial property
  • Courses on technological management
  • Workshops on searches on patent databases
  • Courses on brand registration


We offer training on selected topics relating to industrial property in order to increase your knowledge and the importance of the industrial property in the innovation process

About us

Arturo Broca – Founding Manager

Consultant in the analysis, drafting, processing, acquisition, and use of patents, expert in patent analysis for protection or litigation strategy (infringements, nullities, and patent expertise).

Engineer Broca pursued his career at the National Polytechnic Institute and holds a Master's degree in Business Administration. After working in the private industry, he joined the Mexican Petroleum Institute, and later in 1999, became part of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property as a Patent Examiner. In 2004, he attended the International Patent Examiner Course in Beijing, China, organized by the European Patent Office and the Chinese Patent Office. He pursued a specialization in Intellectual Property at the Osaka Institute of Technology in Osaka, Japan, from March 2010 to February 2011. He has been consistently updating his skills by taking advanced courses offered by the World Intellectual Property Organization. With over 25 years of experience in Intellectual Property, he has advised private companies, universities, and business associations on various Intellectual Property matters.

As an external training agent for the STPS, he has conducted training courses on selected patent topics, such as the annual Tekugo workshop titled "Evaluation of Novelty and Inventive Activity in an Invention – ENAII," which will have its 11th edition this year, along with courses on "Patent Drafting," "Patent Search," and "Commercialization of Patents Using Patent Databases.".

Ana Maria Valladolid – Brands and litigation

Mrs. Valladolid obtained a law degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She also holds a Master and Doctorate in Law by Marista University.

She worked at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) as a senior manager, which has provided her with a wealth of experience in industrial property, especially in litigation and brand registration.

During her professional career at the IMPI, she participated in several workshops and courses on these topics, both as speaker and student. She also worked as tutor in the course DL-101, "Curso general de propiedad intellctual" ("General Course on Intellectual Property"), a course aimed at the Spanish-speaking community and offered by the World Intellectual Property Organization in collaboration with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.



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The remaining 6% come from Mexican inventors

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